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Kashkha: Special Offer

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Kashkha: Special Offer

Hurry up and enjoy 25% – 75% off at Kashkha at Mirdif City Centre.

About Kashkha:

Established more than 30 years back in the UAE, Kashkha is a leading international retail brand for modest fashion. Weaving tradition Arabian fashion with modern style, the label offers a distinctive range of women’s clothing for every occasion with a wide selection of Jalabiyas, Hijabs, Modest Fashion and Nightwear. Boasting over 30 stores in all the major shopping malls across the UAE, France, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Djibouti, Morocco and Lebanon, Kashkha is committed to provide its customers an outstanding experience with the finest quality of fabrics, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Meaning Beautiful in Arabic Kashkha continues to redefine Arabian fashion while staying true to tradition. Reconnecting with heritage, the Kashkha woman envelopes herself in the softness of delicate and luxurious fabrics to discover a world of endless possibilities. Fusing elegance and modernity, every creation tells a story of remarkable women who are out to celebrate the legacy of modest fashion wear.

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